The Free Yourself Days await you with extraordinary days in the mediterranean nature full of impulses, inspirations and delicious vegetarian/vegan full-board meals! Go a couple of days offline to connect more deeply with yourself, and be surrounded by lovely people that will take an extra care of you during these days.

We have created a special program for you where you can discover new ways to express yourself, free your creative potential and increase your self-awareness with intuitive painting, happiness-workshop, yoga, meditation, playful energetic bodywork, dynamic ecstatic dance, etc.. There will be space for conversation and for silence. Come and join us if you want to connect more with your authentic self, the real you that is beyond all of conditioned beliefs and thinking patterns. We want to remind you that being gentle with yourself just means giving yourself space, and being kind to yourself.

The event will be held in German language.

The word holistic comes from "holos" which means everything. Life tells us that it is not enough just to eat balanced and exercise, but there are other factors that have to do with being healthy, being happy and feeling full. These other factors are: how you feel emotionally (emotional health), what things you are thinking (mental health) and how connected you are with your being (spirituality).

You are the captain of your mind, your emotions and your body, and be as they are, you are the one who chooses how is your own company, recognising and sustaining what there is, that is your holistic health.

Come and join us to learn more about a HOLISTIC VISION with scientific notes and how to include this knowledge in your daily life!

The event will be held in Spanish language.



Dancing freely

Can you imaging to dance with yourself, freely express yourself without any limiting conditions or judgements? We love Ecstatic Dance because it is spontaneous and it requires just listening to the messages of your body without reason them, logic them, or intellectualise them. It can be a spiritual, emotional, or physical experience for you and it's clear that moving your body in a way that feels good is good for physical and emotional health. Come and dance with us!

Intuitive Creativity

Do you know about the Healing Power of Intuitive Creativity? Like many of us after we were children were losing connection with authentic expression. Intuitive art is the freedom to expand your imagination and invites you to let go of things that get in the way of your full creative expression. Allow your intuition to speak to you through the medium of art or music. Creativity Is For Everyone. Creativity helps you see things differently and better deal with uncertainty. Researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk.

Authentic encounter

During these days you are allowed to open up and reveal yourself to others, we understand if you might find difficult to speak of your feelings and hard to let yourself be vulnerable. Dont' worry, you will decide what you are willing to share with us about yourself and what not. We want you to feel you supported at any time. Growing together with authentic and open-hearted communication, or just being in silence. This is the place where you can allow yourself to be who you truly are. Here we can also learn about dealing with conflicts since we are not living in an ideal world, but you can embrace conflict as a source of growth and transformations.

Taking care of mothers earth

We choose the locations of our events because they share our values of sustainability and we love places with creative "self made" and recycling objects. We respect nature and animals, and that is why we mainly propose veggie food beside of its nurture health benefits. We are no moralist, radicals or hippies, but we want to be part of the conscious evolution to saving humanity and healing ourselves and the planet. In our events you will be offered a natural travel accommodation and the charm of simplicity in some wild nature. Here you can perfectly go offline for a few days, because you will spend most of your time outdoors.



Do you know that there are a lots of amazing health benefits of Mindfulness for body and Brain such as stress reduction, increased immune function, increased clarity in thinking and perception, or the experience of feeling connected? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. If you truly want to change your life you must first be willing to change your mind, but as we humans are creatures of habit it is very hard to change our mindsets. That needs a lot of awareness of your emotional state at all times and lots of practice. Stop waiting for tomorrow to be happy: Be Here Now, we will practice together on this journey!